we are Lunardelli

With 20 years of history, we are a tax boutique focused on solving specific situations for our customers.

We believe in proximity and solid and lasting bonds for faster, more assertive, and direct solutions.

Our professionals are highly specialized in their area, offering full service. After all, the same problem can cover different areas of Tax Law.

It’s this deeper relationship that makes solving each problem even more efficient. And there's nothing better than having someone who understands us.

About us

Advocacia Lunardelli is a qualified and specialized tax boutique, with over 20 years in the market, focused on the results of the clients we defend.

We offer tax full service. Experience that delivers the difference.

Solving challenges and reducing our customers’ compliance costs, arising from the difficult task of understanding and meeting the high complexity of Brazilian tax requirements. We’re also focused on defending them from abusive charges that, unfortunately, have become frequent in our country.

Tax compliance requires not only complying with the correct rules but also and especially defending against the incorrect ones because these imply unplanned costs by our clients.

Proximity to all our customers, combined with industry experience and in-depth knowledge of the customer's business facilitate agile and targeted solutions for each type of demand.

The vast experience developed in the areas of industry, commerce, and services, in general, allows the Advocacia Lunardelli Team to serve clients in all regions of Brazil.

Advocacia Lunardelli Team is formed by specialists of different levels, who work in a coordinated manner to resolve our clients’ issues in the best way possible.

The more than 20 years of existence were fundamental to build the foundations of our high specialization.

Our professionals are distributed in six major areas of Tax Law:

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